Quit Smoking Easily

    On the other side of the Atlantic – over 80 million Americans have successfully quit smoking. 80 million!!

    quit smoking

    Stopping Smoking does NOT have to be

    80 Million people just like you or I, who were convinced they would never really succeed at stopping.

    But they all did

    But at the time, they probably felt just like you do now. Full of doubt, not sure whether you have the will power to follow through with this.

    But why mention these 80 Million who quit smoking?

    Because you need to know that is IS possible to quit right now. In fact we have a system that is guaranteed to stop you smoking or your money back!

    Just in from the USA is a brand new Hypnotherapy CD that you can use at home to stop you smoking.

    Simply try it out for 30 days and if it doesn’t stop you smoking send it back to us for a full refund no questions asked. That’s how confident we are that this will work for you.

    But Does Hypnosis Really Work?

    Hypnosis is just another name for a natural state of the mind. But it is a hyper-suggestible state, sort of like daydreaming, where you can focus your mind to achieve self control over habits.

    In the USA thousands of former smokers have completely stopped smoking using hypnosis. Virtually all of those who truly desired the results were able to quit smoking using hypnosis after just a few sessions.

    The majority of the people who have used hypnosis to stop smoking, had already desperately tried on their own, using their own willpower, but just couldn’t quit. Not even complaints from partners, new No Smoking laws, nor the damage to their health could bring them to give up altogether..

    Most smokers are able to put up with the stench of their breath and the lingering smell on their clothes. They even manage to ignore the way their bodies feel as they hack and cough up phlegm often accompanied by a shortage of breath. They have read about all the dangers that the media and the government have so widely publicised about cigarette smoking. They have even learned to put up with huddling outside offices, pubs and restaurants, banished from smoking inside in the warm.

    The media, the medical profession and leading professionals have been looking at the amazing results hypnosis and hypnotherapy has had on people wanting to stop smoking.

    So why is using hypnosis and hypnotherapy to stop smoking and to kick the smoking habit, the most powerful and permanent lasting approach to giving up smoking?

    Simply, by using hypnotherapy and hypnosis to stop smoking, you effectively eliminate, even eradicate altogether, the cause of your bad habit right at the source, in the subconscious mind, where all your habits – good and bad – sit!

    Most smokers who don’t use hypnosis or hypnotherapy to stop smoking try desperately to give up using nothing more than willpower, and are often disillusioned with the results. The reason so many people have problems stopping smoking using just willpower is because willpower is a product of the conscious mind. The conscious mind has been called the home of temporary memory and willpower which is a part of temporary memory, is not meant for long term change.

    The conscious mind likes to think that it’s in control. Logically,



    Thanks to the discoveries of the experts in the field of Hypnosis there is GOOD NEWS!

    quit smokingYou see, it’s the subconscious mind which is in control of all your habits and your past experiences. And if you’re going to change a nasty habit, simply and permanently, you have to use the part of the mind that is in charge of that habit.

    That’s why trying to use willpower alone simply doesn’t work. Since willpower works with your temporary memory, you have to keep reminding yourself every single day that you want to give up smoking. But then your automatic subconscious habit kicks in, exactly as it has been used to doing over many years, and before you even know what’s happening you’ve just lit up again through habit.

    BUT – Once you re-programme your subconscious mind to accept the conditioning that you want… or to replace your old conditioning ….the urge to smoke dies away.

    Now it’s your turn to stop. It’s your turn to reprogramme your subconscious mind and STOP SMOKING right now

    We’d like to send you our new audio Hypnotherapy CD for you to play in the quiet of your own home while relaxing.

    satisfaction-guaranteedThis audio CD which features a leading Canadian Hypnotherapist, will gently remove your old subconscious conditioning and help you to quit smoking within the next 30 days

    Guaranteed!!    — or your money back

    You have nothing to loose from giving this audio home hypnotherapy session a go. If it works imagine how you’ll feel how your self esteem will have risen how you’ll be able to throw away your last packet of cigarettes.

    Try it and if within 30 days you have not stopped smoking simply return the CD to us for a prompt and courteous refund – no questions asked.

    For just £12.00 (including p&p) we’ll rush you your personal copy of the audio CD so that you can get started right away and ……..