What Is The Conscious Mind?

By | October 2, 2013

There are four parts within the conscious mind: Rational, Analytical, Will Power and Temporary Memory.

 Our conscious mind is actually the weakest part of our minds, but is where we are most of the time. It is the rational and analytical part of the mind, where we make  judgements and reason.

 When using the rational part of our mind, we rationalize our actions. If we were to look at someone for instance, who eats loads of cakes a day, that person knows only too well that this is not good for them, but they will rationalize, that the cakes make them feel better and alleviates stress, when the truth is, the cakes would in fact cause them to become obese and later suffer bad health issues.

 Therefore we see that our rational mind can tell us and give us a reason and meaning to do the wrong things. As long as we may give a good reason for doing it, we feel that it is alright.

 The analytical part of our mind is when we think about how we would overcome a problem, such as when our electric trips out or we have a flat tyre and have to figure out how to fix it.

 Will Power – There is also our willpower in our conscious mind. Willpower is only a temporary state. It delivers short bursts of energy while we go through a mental situation, only to fade away. Therefore our willpower cannot make internal changes, as change has to come from our subconscious mind

 Temporary memory is very limited, we use it every day for remembering things like people’s names, where we parked the car and where we live. Science has proved that we can only contain a small amount of data at one time. This being the part of the mind we use every day and all day. So by knowing this, we now realise that the conscious mind is much weaker than our the subconscious mind.