What Is The Subconscious Mind?

By | October 3, 2013

The subconscious is the powerful mind and the part that controls whether we achieve, or not achieve, our goals. It is where our imagination is kept and the part of the mind that is worked with in hypnosis to reprogram us for more positive thoughts.

 Imagination – The imagination is in the subconscious mind. We use this in how we see our world and people. Every one’s perception of the world is different, and what we sometimes see as being the truth, is sometimes not reality.

 It is also where our permanent memory is stored. All the information obtained through any of our five senses, from when we were growing inside our mother’s womb, all the sounds and sudden movements from mum leaves an imprint on us.

 After we are born we continue to store more information into our subconscious mind. We begin to build a database of information, which then moulds us into who we are today. Every thought that we act on, feel, is based upon what has happened in our past. A good example of this is, say you hear a song or smell a scent. Feelings can come back to us, of the time we were with someone or some place which can be associated with that song or smell.

 All our habits, feelings, beliefs and emotions are stored in our subconscious mind. To be able to make changes hypnosis can help us to understand the reason for having them and then to make permanent changes for a better outcome.

 Our automatic nervous system, is how we know how to do things automatically, such as breathing eating, blood circulation, heat beat or when we have harmed ourselves. We don’t have to tell ourselves to breath or eat etc, as our subconscious mind does this for us automatically.