Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy Is a problem focused technique used by therapists to help clients “re-programme” their thinking.

It is helpful where the client has distorted, unrealistic or unhelpful thoughts which affects mood and behavior.

Often these thoughts create “self-fulfilling prophecies” or a “problem cycle” which without help continue to affect the lives of clients and those around them.

Breaking these thought patterns helps to address the way the client thinks and behaves in response to similar situations and by developing more flexible ways to think and respond, including reducing the avoidance of activities and the practicing of positive activities. If, as a result, the patient escapes the negative thought patterns and dysfunctional behaviors, the negative feelings may be relieved over time.

A course of CBT is usually 12–16 sessions. The use of CBT does not assume or imply that symptoms are psychological or ‘made up’.

This is just one of many techniques that may be used in counselling.

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