Negative Thinking

By | November 25, 2015

How to Control Negative Thinking

negative thinkingToday I want to introduce you to your mind and how it can control our negative thinking, as well as our positives.

Success can be understood by knowing how the mind works. there are two parts of the mind (conscious and the subconscious) The conscious part, allows us to experience the conditions that surround us. We see people nearby, the environment for the good or not so good. our conscious mind sees everything.

The subconscious mind is the part that lies under the surface of our conscious mind “like an iceberg” we only know of the tip and not what lies underneath. You see our subconscious is much deeper then the conscious mind and holds, store everything that the conscious mind sees, feels right from when we were first brought into this world. “Nothing is forgotten from our subconscious mind”.

This can have a weighty affect on us and the way we think and feel. let me give you an example…Right from when I was a small child around 5yrs, I have always felt uneasy with the colour emerald green “You may be familiar with this colour if you are as old as me, lol!) It was everywhere when I was growing up. on houses, garages, and gates. I couldn’t understand why this colour upset me so much, after all it’s just a colour and nothing to fear by that! When I was studying for hypnosis I became aware of the power of thought and how we can hold onto negative past fear.

You see the subconscious has no ability to work out situations it just stores and pushes up feelings of emotions when it is triggered by a smell, sight etc. I found out later that when I was small I used to visit my aunt and my older cousin used to take me to the shop for sweets, there was a house that had a green gate with an metal arch over it, you could not see inside the yard of this house. Now there was an old man who lived in this house and who had lost his mind.

This old man would be behind the gate, and if he heard any body he would kick at the gate and shout. So this is what I experienced, just noise, but as I couldn’t see what was making the noise and frightening me, my subconscious mind assumed it was the gate and colour. this was what I was feeling every time I saw that colour green. Now that I understand what the real reason is, I’m fine with the colour green, in fact I now quite like it!… Have a great day all x