mental health - counsellingCounselling is simply a professional who is trained and experienced to listen or coach a client, and can help in many different ways.

Sometimes we get stuck in a place where we don’t really belong – and it can be very confusing – as we are not moving forward into a life that gives us happiness and fulfillment.

We so very easily become stagnant and believe that life is not rewarding or exciting, and just accept the life we have – which we do not enjoy.

We all deserve to enjoy life! Why shouldn’t we be happy in our mind and bodies, and feel good about ourselves.

This is where a counselling can help – by getting you to love yourself

Yes, love and respect yourself. Life can be cruel in not allowing us to move forward. It’s only by loving and respecting ourselves that can we love and respect others, which in turn, leads us to a much happier and successful, rewarding life.

Many of us don’t yet know what we want or really have no idea what it is that makes us feel and act the way we do. We want to be accepted by others and be like the person at work, next door or everyone else.

It’s all a matter of perspective – but what we perceive is not necessarily what is the truth

Sometimes we have the wrong idea about ourselves. When we think nothing of ourselves, we put out a vibe to others that we are not good enough, or weak and unworthy.

Then there are the thoughts that we are no good but we try hard not to show, we can be very successful and do well at all that we do, but for some reason feel deep inside extremely anxious and exhausted in many ways like having to be the best.

This can take a toll on us having to always be the best, or that we don’t care, when in fact we do care.

We actually care a lot!!!! But dare not say, as so many depend on us, our life and success, to make them feel good and happy.

In my private counselling practice room I will give you the time and space to discover and solve your deep issues whatever they may be, and we’ll work together to discover what the real reason is and why you are feeling, thinking and acting the way you do. We will then explore ways to help you deal with those feelings to create the you, you were meant to be.

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