Addiction Abuse

Most of us enjoy a drink, especially with a nice meal and in the company of friends and family.

The thing is that some of us take that feel-good drink a little too often. Drinking can very easily become a daily ritual. We come home from a heavy day at work and are feeling a little stressed or in need of comfort.

So a drink seems perfectly normal, just to see that glass filling up seems to start to relax you and when you drink it and it flows down inside it gives us that little kick of comfort and then you most probably get on with cooking dinner or talking through the day with your loved one or the cat or the dog. During dinner you then pour another glass or two more and before you know it you are sleepy and quite often fall asleep in front of the television.

Every time this ritual is repeated it gets closer and closer to overtaking and destroying your life. You tell yourselfthat you can handle it and don’t need to stop, as the occasional drink won’t hurt. This denial can turn into a real problem as the two to three glasses creeps up and up until that person is having to drink large amounts just to
keep themselves calm. By this time we are well and truly on the road to disaster!

We know that we should do something about it. But we still continue. We hide the fact that we are drinking by staying at home and buying drink from different stores so that no one will suspect us.

Go to the bottle bank when it’s dark so as not to been seen with our large and regular quantities of empty bottles. In fact our whole lives revolves around the next drink and avoiding being found out. We tell the most ridiculous lies to cover up our secret. But most people will be aware of that person’s drinking as it is very hard to cover it from the outside world. We may lose our jobs, family – and last but not least our dignity.

Alcoholics Anonymous are there to help support with addiction abuse, and the doctors will help in prescribing medication needed to give the person extra strength.

Counselling too can help the drinker through to dryer days. Being honest with yourself when you know you are having problems is the first and the most important time in helping yourself and not just for you, but for the caring people around you.

You should not be ashamed to admit you are in trouble, as many of us go through it – from very respected professionals to the elderly.

So please take control today and start helping yourself and those you love. Contact your doctor and seek the best help. AA are so supportive and I’m here too. I will not judge you. I will support and respect you and listen to you in an empathic way.

Remember this – you are not a waster, nor are you wicked. You are a person who for some reason has lost your way and just needs a little help and support getting back to where you would like to be in life.

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