We all feel a little depressed at times, but with most it doesn’t hang around for long. We may talk it through with a friend or loved one and suddenly life becomes clear again.

But for some this is not the case. They have most probably talked to someone about their depression in the past and feel that they can’t talk again because they were told to snap out of it, there are people a lot worse off than yourself. This is quite often the case, as many people are worse off than ourselves and keep going.

For the person to be told that there’s a lot of people worse off than them is only going to make that person feel guilty of their depression and this can lead to them feeling even more down.

I appreciate that the person sometimes giving the advice to the depressed is trying to help that individual. But that individual will not be able to see what you are telling them and professional help is needed.

If you can relate to any of the things that I have mentioned here in this article and feel that you would like me to help you in coping with your issues, or may be you have another reason for seeking out counselling help then please don’t be put off thinking that counselling won’t help you, as it is very rare that the client does not take at least something in the way of help from counselling sessions.  

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