Sometimes in a long term marriage or relationships, we become so bogged down with outside demands and issues, that we do not pay enough attention to our spouse or partner’s or are unaware of how fragmented and bad the relationship has become over the years.

Our loved one may have tried to express how they are feeling in another ways, such as shouting, silence, in isolating themselves or overspending on holidays. These things give them short term satisfaction only to find eventually that their finances are in a disastrous state.  Over- spending is a common release to stress and depression only to add more stress on the relationship.

Seeing friends appearing to be doing well makes the person concerned that they are failing or inadequate, causing even further damage to the relationship. Little things start to get on top of them and before they know it, things have got so badly out of their control that they can suffer a nervous breakdown or find themselves in the divorce court with even more problems. This can in the most server circumstance end in the individual attempting suicide.

It is so sad that some or all of these crises happen, as if only the person with these problems had talked to someone who is completely detached, non-judgmental and who has empathy and a caring disposition and who can be entrusted not to tell another soul and who is able to see things as they really are instead of drowning in confusion. Very often these issues can be overcome by talking things through in a rational way. This would not only probably save the marriage or relationship, it could save their sanity and in some severe cases lives.

If you can identify with any of the worries or concerns in this article and that some of them resonate with you. Please don’t ignore your problems by telling yourself that you can overcome them on your own, as you haven’t so far – Have you!

Take control of your life and contact me. Our first meeting is free so you have nothing to lose and you may have a lot to gain. I know it’s very difficult to take the first step in contacting me but you will be half way to changing your life for the better and it’s worth it isn’t it. Or do you want to continue to be in this dark, uneasy space.

Talking problems through with an empathetic non-judgmental caring person in a private relaxed environment can help you overcome these issues.

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